In this specialization, you’ll get the chance to grapple with scientific questions ranging from universe origins to ‘dark energy’ nature. Astronomy is the science of science of physics and physical universe.

Course structure & entry requirements

The specialization in this degree involves the combination of observation and theory, some course focuses more o these aspects. In this, you’ll get the opportunity to use professional equipment and telescopes at major observation level. Astronomy Degrees accept students with the variety of backgrounds and entry requirement in universities may be flexible. In some universities, you need to show aptitude related to physics, geology, statistics, chemistry, mathematics, geography, biology and environmental science. Most of the Astronomy degrees are one or two years long at master’s level and three or four years long at the graduate level depending on the location of the university. Assessments and teaching methods include in this specialization are practical seminars, lectures, discussion sessions and observatories work.

Specialization in Astronomy Degree

There are many specializations in astronomy degrees depending on your interest. Degree in astronomy majorly divided into many specializations available in each field.

Cosmology: This specialization involves the study of basic structure, evaluation, and origin of the universe. This course concerned the universes as a whole and deals with individual celestial objects.

Astrophysics: This specialization concerned with the properties of celestial objects and physics including the behavior and properties of galaxies, stars, and planets.

Astrology: This specialization is the study of possible future, evolution, and origins of living organisms in the earth and universe. This interdisciplinary field involves the search for habitable environments beyond and within the solar system.

Solar astrophysics: In this specialization, you will study the behavior and properties of the sun with the knowledge of progress understanding of other systems and stars.

Planetary Geology: The study of this specialization geological studies in order to learn behavior and composition of asteroids, moons, planets, comets and other floating things.

Careers in Astronomy Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Astronomy Degrees:-

  • Universities
  • Observatories
  • Planetariums and Museums
  • Governmental research organizations
  • Aerospace sector

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