Masters in Marketing

Masters in Marketing will update and develop the industry awareness, advanced knowledge, and strategic skills, whether you are pursuing undergraduate studies or looking to enhance marketing skills from a different industry sector.

Course structure & entry requirements

Masters in marketing degrees are available as online programs, part-time, full-time and lasts more than one or two years depends on the industry and institution. Topics include in this specialization are competitive intelligence, marketing theory, communications, consumer behavior and marketing finance. You can also advance your progress by choosing specialized marketing courses that align your career objectives, marketing skills, and interests. The masters in marketing offer a wide range of specializations such as consumer behavior, customer insight, brand management, contemporary marketing practice, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, product development, social media, digital landscape, marketing consultancy, online technology in marketing, marketing analysis and relationship marketing and marketing strategy. Assessments and teaching methods include in masters in marketing are interactive seminars, case studies, lectures, workshops, group exercises, guided self-study and computer-based stimulation.

Specialization in Marketing

There are many specializations in Masters in Marketing degrees depending on your interest.

Degree in marketing majorly divided into many specializations available in each field.

Strategic marketing management: this specialization includes analysis of marketing campaigns at management level. In this, you will learn about the target audience, brand identification, marketing strategy, audience strategy and appropriate media channels.

Marketing communications: Study of this specialization is important for the food communication of the professional marketer. In this, you will learn about the use of secondary data in decision-making and marketing communication.

Sports and entertainment marketing: entertainment and sports are the ever-changing and fastest growing industry in the field of marketing. In this, you will effectively tailor your knowledge and skills of marketing.

Consumer behavior: With the study of this specialization you’ll improve your ability to understand consumer profiling, marketing strategy, market environment, consumer behavior and customer psychology and consumer research project.

Global marketing: In this specialization, you’ll learn about the growth of world trade, international working environment, appeal and understanding of global markets and integration and emerging trends of growing areas.

Digital marketing and social media: This specialization covers all aspects of international and digital marketing including consumer behavior, application strategies, innumerable and separate functions.

Careers in Masters in Marketing Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Masters in Marketing Degrees:-

  • Marketing consultant
  • Marketing executive
  • Marketing management
  • Brand Management
  • Market Researcher


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