Masters in Digital Marketing

Masters in Digital Marketing covers the wide range of topics such as e-marketing, online marketing, internet marketing and digital marketing. This is the most important sector as everyone involved in the digital industry. This specialization will give you exciting opportunities in the fast-growing and fast-changing sector.

Course Structure & Entry Requirements

Digital marketing is the online mode of promotion of products and brands. With the increase in the ratio of apps, smartphones and other forms of new media in order to connect consumers with through various digital platforms including social media. Through digital marketing, you can create and develop interesting and new methods to enhance marketing campaigns by keeping track of analytics and digital engineering data.

These courses are generally one or two years long offered in the form of Master of Science (MSc), Master of Art (MA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA). these courses have more focus on the analytical and creative side of the business. Assessments and teaching methods include the wide range of group work, examinations, coursework assignments and case study reports. In this, you will also learn business development proposal, research project, and dissertation form. Other subjects studied at the undergraduate level are media and communication, business studies and marketing.

Specialization in Digital Marketing

There are many specializations in Masters in digital marketing degrees depending on your interest. Degree in digital marketing majorly divided into many specializations available in each field.

Planning and strategy: If you want to work as a media planner and digital strategist, the combination of digital marketing courses are perfect for you. With this specialization, you will learn about the execution of successful marketing campaign with all aspects of digital marketing.

Social Media Communication: Specialization in this course allows you to learn the best practices and basics of increasing engagement of target audience and social media marketing strategies.

Digital display advertising: In this specialization, you will learn to create great advertising text for making appealing campaigns with the use of videos, banners, images and more in order to communicate effectively.

Consumer Insights / Behavior: In this specialization, you will understand the potential market standards, this will also focus on the consumer behavior, research theories and strategic insights.

Careers in Masters in Digital Marketing Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Masters in Digital Marketing:-

  • Digital marketing officer/executive
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist
  • Media planner
  • Media buyer
  • Advertising copywriter
  • Art Director


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