Classic Student Pranks That Will Make You Laugh Your Heart Out

A set of rebellious students in class is always a nightmare for every teacher. They may turn the class upside down by utmost mischiefs and present the best ever pranks in college days. Every student, notably the final year students, try to leave by marking their presence by demonstrating extremely naughty deeds at the campus.

These real-life experiences of pranks from students quoted by few teachers make it evident that these are really haunting them since then. Have a look at the most rated frivolities students presented in the universities.

Ghost Prank between lectures

Final year students of management studies in a renowned university in Canada witnessed a terrifying experience of ghost in between the accounting lectures. The whole class was silently involved in the lessons. The main screen began blurring and something creepy was displayed through the projector. Students were curious about what really was happening, teachers spellbound seeing the anonymous characters being displayed on-screen.

This was well planned by a freaky gangue in the same class, where they initially took the laptop under custody and connected it remotely to another system operated by a student at the corridor. In the middle of the lesson, and paint window was opened to type in some weird characters on screen.

After a while, students got to know what actually is happening, but the teacher was still wonderstruck.

Silence in the library

This was in the era of surveillance without CCTV. A mischievous gangue was warned for not being silent in the library and they came up with a terrifying plan for the library staff. Weekly meeting of certain staff groups was usually conducted in the library hall. Three guys broke into the library and set alarms in different places in two minutes interval. Immediately when the meeting began, one of the alarms started ringing and simultaneously every 10 of them. Library staff went around in search of them and took so much effort to dig out all of them.

Students seized the principal’s office and literally arrested him

This was way too extreme to be practical, but this a real story. These young men were extremely courageous and tried everything to make their presence on the campus. Once caught, this could have led to taking actions against them or could even expel them out of campus.

After being invited to a program in the cultural hall, the principal was late for the event. Security guards were alarmed to find the principal’s cabin locked from outside. The scariest part was, they even cut the cables of telephone and internet. Keys were nowhere to be seen and things were sorted out by the cooperation of other staff. It’s still unknown who did it exactly.

These are just a few of them, more exciting pranks are still in the box and young gangues designing the next. But it’s undebatable that these are lifelong memories – both for the student and for the teachers.


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