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Accounting Degrees

Those students who are interested to study finance, business, and commerce with good analysis and numbers in business, accounting is the ideal field. In this specialization you’ll learn about analysis, measurement, communication and process of financial information into a variety of concerned parties including management, investors, regulators general public and […]

Anthropology Degrees

This specialization investigates human society and humankind from linguistic, political and cultural practices of modern science to physical evolution of brain and human body of modern societies. Course structure & entry requirements The subjects include in this specialization are economics and sociology which help you better your understanding of group […]

Environmental Science Degrees

Those students who want to touch many biggest challenges of today’s world, a degree in environmental science is the ideal choice. The study of environmental science incorporates with the study of biological, physical and chemical processes that take place on political, social, cultural and earth processes. You’ll strive to gain […]

Mathematics Degrees

Mathematics is known as the science of quantity and the science of indirect measurements that results in necessary conclusions. The answers of mathematics depend on the philosophical stance od definer. The course includes mathematics topics, careers, and degree. Course structure & entry requirements Enthusiasts and experts in math lead to […]

Chemistry Degrees

Chemistry is the main arms of science which includes physics and biological science. It composed with properties, structure, changes, and reactions in terms of exposure to different situations. Course Structure & Entry Requirements There is overlap between science and chemistry subjects at its most basic level. Element composition and chemical […]

Metallurgy Degrees

The study of this specialization focus on material science and include guesswork to figure out which useful material. Course Structure & Entry Requirements This specialization involves a number of science subjects chemical investigation of physical and chemical properties of compounds, alloys, and metallic elements. In this you’ll cover technologies related […]

Earth and Marine Sciences Degrees

Degree in the earth and marine science is perfect for those who have an interest in earth and marine science. this specialization provides potential careers and different specializations to students. Course Structure & Entry Requirements Topics include the study of earth science are planetary interiors, causes of volcanic eruptions and […]

Astronomy Degrees

In this specialization, you’ll get the chance to grapple with scientific questions ranging from universe origins to ‘dark energy’ nature. Astronomy is the science of science of physics and physical universe. Course structure & entry requirements The specialization in this degree involves the combination of observation and theory, some course […]

Masters in Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is all about meeting the need of present without causing any negative impact on future. This course focus on the advancement of the human welfare without impacting or exhausting essential resources for upcoming generations and damage to the ecosystem. In recent years, the demand for graduates in sustainable […]

Masters in Psychology

This specialization is perfect for those students who want to develop their career as a psychologist with thorough knowledge of thoughts, interactions, behavior, reactions and actions of people. Course Structure & Entry Requirements Teaching methods and course structure in Masters in Psychology programs vary depending on the area of specialization. […]