Undergraduate Education System

Undergraduate Education System

Two-Year Programs

In the United States, there are more than 1000 two-year course provider schools or college. These type of schools are named as “community college” or “junior level college”. Most of the community colleges are operated on the basis of guidance of local district agency or by the division of the state university. Those students who want to earn an intermediate degree for the two-year program can go for Associate Degree.

According to US education system, a student must have a score of credit hours of 60 semesters in order to obtain an associate degree. The associate degree generally includes three parts such as courses of your own choice, the requirement within your focused area of study and requirement of general education to earn it.

Two-Year Undergraduate Degrees

Out of different type of degree programs offered in the United States, an associate degree in arts and science designed to prepare students to take the transfer to a four-year university. Due to USA education system, you are eligible for an A.A certificate in elementary or primary school level. With the help of an Associate Degree, you can study further to become a teacher.In a local college for an associate degree, you’ll get some community-based enrollment agreements. With the two-year of study program community, the college will provide remaining years of study. By following two years of the study program, Associate of applied science course designed to prepare students to join workforce immediately. These degree courses preferred by employers in technology and science for executive-level jobs.

Four-Year Programs

For Bachelor’s degree, more than 2,000 universities and colleges provide four-year programs. More than 1.3 million students in the United States earned bachelor’s degree last year. The undergraduate bachelor’s degree comprised of 120-128 credit hours for the semester to get a degree which is commonly known as “college degree”. As per the two-year program 60 credit hours out of 120 transferred from an associate community college.The duration of four years typically spent on undergraduate studies are known as a sophomore or junior and senior years.

In order to form a broad educational foundation, students are required to study “liberal arts” philosophy for many undergraduate programs. Following are the examples of undergraduate education four years courses: Mathematics, physical science, natural science, social science, history, humanities, composition, and English.

After meeting the requirement of the core curriculum, out of numerous field of study students are asked to select a specific course or subject. Your major focus should be on the subject you are interested in or you will seek a career. The last two years of a four-year program focusing more on the courses your major interest lies in. Four-year program universities and colleges stress on special professional areas of study such as engineering, pharmacy, agriculture, fine arts and other specialized fields.

Degrees in medicines and law models are not offered under USA undergraduate education system. Neither medical nor law consider as the major undergraduate field of study but medical colleges provide some essential programs that are crucial to take before taking enrollment.

Four-Year Undergraduate Degrees

According to USA education system, there are two types of four-year undergraduate degrees named as “bachelor of arts degrees” and “bachelor of science degrees”. If you choose B.A as the four-year degree course, then your major subjects will be humanities, arts, fine arts and social science or if you select the B.S four-year degree, the majority of your subjects will be mathematical science and physical studies.

Students who are interested in other bachelor’s degrees instead of engineering, business, and social science may find that the education structure is more difficult.

Following are the example of other specialized undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Design (B.Des)
  • Bachelor of science in public affairs (B.S.P.A)
  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)
  • Bachelor of Philosophy (B.Phil.)
  • Bachelor of social work (B.S.W)

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