University of California, Berkeley

University Of California, Berkeley

The University of California came into existence in 1868 with the objective of interdisciplinary research-based education. The university is running on the philosophy that ideas are the field for experimentation and intellectual exploration. The University of California has brought newer perspective and frontier disciplines to the USA education system. With the annual enrollment of 27,126 undergraduate students and 10,455 graduate students, it is ranked as number one public university. The University of California is divided into 14 colleges and 170 academic departments. The campus is spreading in the total area of 178 acres with 52% of female undergraduate students and 48% of male undergraduate students.

Location & Facilities

The university is a public research university oldest of the ten research universities located in Berkeley, California. The university has the largest fitness center, 25 yards long pool, a golden bear recreational center which offers a track, tennis courts and a pool. Moreover, the university has largest sports center, UC aquatic center for windsurfing, sea kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing. The university also comes up with eight-lane long-running on Edwards track, an on-campus field for soccer, rugby runners and Frisbee fans in order to sharpen students skills. Many of the facilities of the University of California can be rented for tournaments, events, parties and other occasions.

Departments / Subjects Areas

The university is divided into 14 different colleges for:

  • Chemistry
  • Master’s Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Design
  • Haas School of Business
  • Graduate Programs Information
  • Journalism
  • U.S. Law School
  • Letters & Science
  • Natural Resources
  • Optometry Program
  • Public Health Disciplines
  • Program in Public Policy
  • Social Welfare

Major Courses offered at UC Berkeley:

  • Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Molecular Biology
  • Political Science
  • Economics


The University of California offers the variety of financial aid or scholarships to students to help them in education. Following are the scholarships offered to students:

Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship: This Scholarship is the most historic program of the University of California, recognizes the academic merits of undergraduates.

Flat Lux Scholarship: This scholarship program mainly known as the “giving back policy” designed with a vision to attract high-achieving students from local high schools in the central coast area, bay area, Sequoia, San Jose, Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Middle-Class Scholarship: This scholarship program designed to make higher education more and more affordable to middle-class families. It may access the total middle-class access plan award from UC Berkely.

Regents an Chancellor’s Scholarship: This scholarship program offered by the University of California, Berkeley in order to enter undergraduates and retain, attract and graduate the most sought-after students across the world.


The overall ranking of US Berkeley as per US news:

  • Ranked #1 in Top Public Schools
  • Ranked #3 in Business Programs
  • Ranked #15 in High School Counselor Ranking
  • Ranked #17 in Best Undergraduate Teaching
  • Ranked #20 in Most Innovative Schools
  • Ranked #21 in National Universities
  • Ranked #95 in best value Schools

Career Opportunity

UC Berkeley provides expert guidance and resources necessary to for students to succeed in life. With comprehensive support services, extensive campus referral network and individualized academic counseling help students to develop unique talent. In order to effectively grab the opportunities, UC Berkeley provides the capabilities to students as per the industrial demand.

Mission Statement:

The university is running with a mission of extreme contribute more in the happiness of advancing generations and California’s gold to the glory.

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