Sugar Does More than Making Adding the Sweet Taste to Your Dessert

Sugar is focus of science of food talk

In a recent lecture, Joan Chang has shown that sugar is more than an element merely used to add sweetness to deserts. According to her data, sugar is capable of much more than adding only the sweet flavor to desserts.

She demonstrated this by performing a live visual demonstration in Harvard’s largest science lecture hall. Chang gave a lecture to over five hundred people. She also answered queries and questions during the demonstration. The lecture was one of a kind!

Joan Chang, the owner of Flour Bakery, in her lecture on sugar, stated that there were only a handful of desserts in which sugar added a sweetening flavor. In all other desserts, sugar performs various tasks. She went on to explain that, sugar only sweetens chocolate bars, yogurts or gelatin desserts.

In some desserts, sugar is added to draw out the moisture from the desert, as seen in various baking creations. This is done to extend the shelf life of various goods. And in some other cases, the sugar is added to make the creation crispier, such as in brownies and pastries. In some cases, such as in sorbets and ice creams, the addition of sugars lowers the freezing point of the desert and keeps it frozen.

During the lecture, Chang also explained the various stages of sugar when added to boiling water. There are various stages, and every stage has a different use. She even demonstrated this in her lecture. She explained that as the water and the sugar mixture boiled, the water evaporated leaving behind a sweet sugary concentrate.

The first stage in the mixture was that of the “thread stage”, where the water and sugar blended perfectly together and produced long strands of sugary threads. This stage is highly recommended and suitable for desserts such as sweetened ice teas. Next stage is, “softball”. The feature of this is that if it is suddenly cooled down, then, the sugar and water mixture becomes a soft sugar ball. This stage of the sugar mix can be used for making fudge or for frosting. This also allows a person to make caramel and rock candy. Next and the final stage is the “caramel stage”.

The chef took questions and answered them patiently and explained everything. She also told the audience that the only thing required to be a pastry chef was patience. She gave the lecture on sugar and its uses to explain the various stages of something as simple as sugar. Plus she also debunked the general notion of sugar being added only to give a sweet taste.



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