Negotiation Skills and People Skills are Important

Two recent MIT graduates found that their skills in the real world have more to do with people skills than their technical knowledge. They also found that class, 11.011, The Art and Science of Negotiation, was one of the best courses they took during their time at college.

The reason for their love for the 11.011 class is more than them enjoying the excellent class, but because the course molded their personalities. This course made them efficient in people skills and shaped them as excellent negotiators.

The change in MIT occurred on the arrival of Bruno Verdini. Bruno Verdini is a recent MIT Ph.D. graduate in “Negotiation, Communication, Diplomacy, and Leadership.” With him teaching at MIT, the students’ life changed drastically.

With how things stand, most graduates do not need to handle technical things. Most of the graduates with good degrees are given spots or designations which take care of various but essential tasks, which has nothing to do with technical know-how but everything to do with interpersonal skills.

The graduates who took the 11.011 class, found that their skills had been greatly enhanced and they could perform better at their work. This was all thanks to Bruno Verdini. The program is structured in a peer-to-peer feedback method.

The program works on the principle of educating and empowering students with management skills as well. Students and recent graduates, these days, do not merely want to handle the technical area of the work. They want to be efficient with management skills as well.

The students who are trained and have excellent interpersonal skills come out with a rounded personality. These students know how to deal with ethics, power and how to create a workforce which is far more superior than the one which doesn’t have a strong foundation of interpersonal skills.

As per Bruno Verdini, the professor at MIT who is pioneering in the interpersonal skills and making great changes, says that negotiation is a skill. This skill allows students and others alike, to get their ideas across to people. Negotiation gives way to a path where a person can easily share their principles, thoughts, and values. Therefore, a strong personality, with exceptional interpersonal and negotiation skills along with a good degree is essential for a student to succeed. These skills will help a student throughout their lives.

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