Moderate Weight Gain Over the Years Might Put you at Risk of Chronic Diseases

Gaining weight over the years is a common course of action. Almost all of us gain weight as we age from our middle adulthood to our old age. And this might put you at a risk of contracting a chronic disease in your old. Worse, it might also make you live a shorter life.

A one of a kind research was conducted by Yan Zheng, who worked on this project while he was still a postdoctoral student at Harvard Chan School. His team of researchers for this study consisted of JoAnn Manson, Changzheng Yuan, Matthew Liang, Francine Grodstein, Meir Stampfer, and Walter Willett, who too went to Harvard Chan School.

This study is one of a kind, as it checks the gradual progression among participants.

The Research
The study was published in JAMA, in mid-July 2017. This research analyzed the data of about 118,140 study participants. Among the 118,140, there were 92,837 women and 25,303 men. The data for women was borrowed from Nurses’ Health Study for the period between 1976 and 2012. And the data for men was borrowed from Health Professionals Follow-Up Study for the period between 1986 and 2012.

Then, these participants were asked to recall their weigh from earlier times, such as weight for the age of eighteen. And then the participants were asked to report their weight at the age of fifty-five. According to the research, it was found that women gained about twenty-two pounds and men gained about nineteen pounds over the years.

The research also found that the participants who maintained their weight were healthier. Maintaining weight here referred to gaining only about five pounds. But the participants, who gained weights moderately, were at a risk of chronic diseases and were less likely to be on the path of “healthy aging.”

The research found that the gaining of extra eleven pounds over the years was directly associated with thirty percent increased the risk of Type 2 diabetes, eight percent increase regarding cardiovascular diseases, five percent increased the rate of dying at an early age, and six percent increased chances of contracting obesity-related cancer.

Bottom Line
It has been observed that men and women put on weight when they transit from adulthood to old age. The weight so gained is not healthy, and increases the chances of contracting chronic diseases over time. The lead author, Yan Zheng, believes that this research and the data so collected will prove to be helpful for many health professionals who counsel patients. Patients should be advised to maintain their weight by using healthy dietary means.

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