MIT One of the First University to Get Your Diploma via an App

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. This private university is also a private research university and was established in 1861.

The first diploma degrees were awarded in 1869. Ever since then, the university has awarded more than 200,000 students with diploma degree. In a first, MIT has launched a pilot program for the diploma course credentials on your smartphone.

This app is a product of collaboration between the registrar’s office at MIT and a software company based in Massachusetts, Learning Machine. The app allows the student to receive their diploma certificates in the form of a soft copy via the app. Also, the students will be given a traditional certificate for their degree.

The app is called “Blockcerts Wallet.” According to the CEO and the co-founder of Learning Machines, MIT is one of the first universities to take a step in this direction. Apart from this, MIT wants its students to have the freedom of being able to send their credentials and their degree in a secured manner.

The app, Blockcerts Wallet, can be used by MIT students and can be installed on their phones. The students can send out their information and credentials in a secure form without any tampering.

The Registrar and Senior Associate Dean, Mary Callahan, came across this idea of the blockchain technology. By 2015, Philipp Schmidt, director at MIT Media Lab, had been using non-academic digital certificates for internal purposes. When Schmidt used the certificates, he observed that it became extremely easy for him to coordinate his team.

He became interested in a more concrete version of digital certificates. He soon found that his interests and the interests of Learning Machines lay in the same area.  So they began developing prototypes for the app. And finally, they developedBlockcerts Wallet.

Benefits of the Blockcerts Wallet

The university rolled out this app this year. The main objective was to let the students have the freedom of sharing their credentials and degree through a tamper-free format. The app allows the graduates to link and share their digital signatures through the app to other universities or employers.

MIT believes that this app, Blockcerts Wallet, is not just solving an issue but also enabling growth in the right direction by transforming. MIT hopes to expand and let more graduates use this after observing the results of the pilot program.

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