This is what College Students Really Want On Their Back-To-School Shopping Lists

From desk lamps and comforters to cleaning products and laundry bins, the list of college essentials is never ending and seem like a huge undertaking. But this is not that complicated, all you need is to consider most important back-to-school items. Here we have interview or discussion of students about the essential items on their shopping list.

LED Light Strip: This is used for the decoration of room or apartment, it impresses people easily and it’s really cheap. It is used for parties works, general ambiance and date nights.

Glass Water Bottle: In college water bottles are the actual accessories. Even it is the point of competition that who can get the cutest water bottle. So you should buy the most universal or best or weirdest water bottle.

Hardcover Agenda: These are the best organizers for parties, homework, holiday or events even it comes with colorful pages and stickers for each month. It helps you in compartmentalizing everything and gives you confidence in your work.

Expo Markers: For the practice of exams, note making, and preparation you can use expo markers. Studying with these markers reduce the wastage of paper and you can work on mirrors, whiteboards etc.

Bedrest Support Pillow: This pillow helps you stay awake while doing the study in bed.

Water Resistant Slipper: The most important thing for you in college is the classic water-resistant slipper, which helps you walk on nasty carpet or tile floors with comfort.

Battery Case: In college or school it is important to have the portable battery case for your smartphone. As it is annoying to have your phone run out of battery.

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