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U.S. News reveals best colleges with different numerical ranking to narrow the search of students

National Universities Schools consider in the category of national universities offer the range of programs including majors at the undergraduate level, masters and Ph.D. Programs. List of top ten national universities are as follows: Princeton University – Ranked #1 in National Universities Harvard University – Ranked #2 in National Universities […]

Protein that Fights Antibiotic Resistance Found

It is known that after an implant or surgery for prosthetics, the chances of infections through various bacteria rises. The fact that bacteria can target the area of the surgery and accumulate there to create their colony is a problem for many doctors and patients. A group of University of […]

This is what College Students Really Want On Their Back-To-School Shopping Lists

From desk lamps and comforters to cleaning products and laundry bins, the list of college essentials is never ending and seem like a huge undertaking. But this is not that complicated, all you need is to consider most important back-to-school items. Here we have interview or discussion of students about […]

Negotiation Skills and People Skills are Important

Two recent MIT graduates found that their skills in the real world have more to do with people skills than their technical knowledge. They also found that class, 11.011, The Art and Science of Negotiation, was one of the best courses they took during their time at college. The reason […]

The Effects of Temporary Images on Social Media

The advent of smartphones not only made our lives incredibly easier, but also brought many applications for recreation and communication. Most apps, initially, were developed to bridge the “communication gap,” but the trend has changed over the last few years. Instagram, Snapchat, and even Facebook now give you the feature […]

Daphne C. Watkins adds a Valuable thought to the Epidemic Discussion

In the last week of October, a discussion was held at the Knafel Center (Radcliffe Gym), Cambridge, known as the “Contagion: Exploring Modern Epidemics”. The discussion was to discuss epidemics and the widespread of various plagues and how it affects the lives of thousands. The discussion was held among various […]

Moderate Weight Gain Over the Years Might Put you at Risk of Chronic Diseases

Gaining weight over the years is a common course of action. Almost all of us gain weight as we age from our middle adulthood to our old age. And this might put you at a risk of contracting a chronic disease in your old. Worse, it might also make you […]

FeatureHub the Answer to Big Data Problems

Big data analysis is tricky even for the best of the best. The point of these issues lies in the understanding of the “features”. But the analysis of the features depends upon the human mind and therein lays the problem. But MIT researchers have found a way out. The researchers […]

Coal Generated Electricity More Harmful Than Electricity from Natural Gas

A recent study, conducted and authored by an environmental engineer from the University of Michigan, finds that the electricity generated from coal is much more harmful to the environment that the electricity generated by natural gas. The study was published in the online journal Environmental Science & Technology earlier in […]