Education System in USA

USA education system

USA education system offers the most attractive choices to students. There is a wide range of schools and programs but before selecting any course or subject it’s necessary to familiarize yourself with the education system of United States.

Involvement of U.S. government in education system

Unlike many countries, the USA education institutions are not organized or controlled by the central government but are managed by trustees or independent group of people in case of private schools. On the other hand, in case of public schools, the education system is managed by state and local government. The point of difference between these two schools is price because private schools are more expensive and public schools are run by the government.

After recognized as “accrediting agencies” USA education system makes sure that student gets the quality of courses and programs. Most of the universities held regional accreditation certificate, so it’s your responsibility to make sure that the university you choose has accreditation because it shows that the university is verified by the government. The education system offers a variety of recognized programs. Earlier in higher education, USA students visit the primary and secondary school for a result of 12 years. These years are held to as the first through twelfth grades.

Eligibility Criteria to get a Degree

The admission process of different courses may vary admission process of USA education system based on several criteria such as high school qualification, participation rates in extracurricular activities such as scholastic clubs, athletic teams, theatre or art clubs, ACT or SAT exams, personal interview and written test.

Undergraduate study is the first level of higher standard education. After completing undergraduate study students can apply for graduation program to get the benefit of international standard. If you are selecting the two-year degree program over four-year undergraduate courses, you should keep in mind about the eligibility criteria, courses, and entrance for applying the particular exams. As an additional opportunity, the university offers a non-degree program.

When it comes to a two-year degree and the four-year degree you need to think wisely because some companies encourage students with a four-year degree in a specific course admission of potential students. So, you need to do research on some degree or nondegree courses in the United States.

How to apply?

Most of the high schools in the United States give admission on the basis of SAT or ACT reasoning test. Every university or schools set a standard score to gain admission.  After scoring well in SAT or CAT and written examination there is one personal interview round with a deputy from the admission office.

Undergraduate versus Graduate Study

Students who are pursuing Bachelor’s degree in a University are known as “Undergraduates” and those students who are pursuing doctoral or masters degree in a university are known as “Graduates”. Most of the universities in the United States offer flexible education to Undergraduate Students by asking them to choose the main domain of study in which they want to do specialization. Whereas, Graduate students they have one field of specialization from the beginning.

At most universities courses assigned to Undergraduate students are only one term long on the basis of a specific number of credit hours. Students at the graduate level are allowed to give exams as per the credit hours they have earned enough by taking classes.

Most bachelor’s degrees as per the USA education system do not require students to give final research exam. On the other hand, graduate students need to complete the thesis before taking the degree.