Pharmacy Degrees

Pharmacy degrees include development and design of new treatments, care management, prescriptions and range of medical options at the heart of human healthcare.

Course structure & entry requirements

Pharmacy study focuses on modules of pharmaceutics, human biology, physiology, pharmacology, and chemistry. This specialization is the combination of professional pharmacy skills, academic research and vocational training such as the study of ethical and legal issues by interaction with patients. The topics included in this course are medications, prescriptions, clinical practice, and drugs to different scenarios. If you want to study pharmacy or medical care you have various opportunities to get specialization in a particular role such as patient care or new medicine development and infectious diseases. Assessments and teaching modes in this course include practical exercises, lectures, and seminars during your studies. Some universities or institutions prefer students with good grades and the strong background in mathematics, biology, and physics.

Specialization in Pharmacy degrees

There are many specializations in medical degrees depending on your interest. Degree in medical majorly divided into many specializations available in each field.

Pharmacology: This specialization is the study of the interaction of drugs with the living body. in this study topics are as follows: drug absorption and toxic effects of poisons & drugs.

Clinical practice: The study of this specialization prepare students in order to provide care to patients for diagnoses, advice, prescriptions and good support.

Microbiology & Immunology: In pharmacy, this course is the study of microscopic organisms. Further specialization in Microbiology & immunology combines bacteriology, mycology, and virology.

Drug development: This specialization is the important field of pharmacy, the process of this study involves the creation of new drugs and bringing them to the market. The learning of this field includes pre-clinical research, clinical trials, regulatory issues, financial viability, commercial and manufacturing processes.

Pharmaceutical technology: This specialization offered specialization at master’s level and focus on the modern technologies of the pharmaceutical sector.

Obesity & weight management: This specialization includes the study of obesity and weight management. Some universities offer this course as the separate degree at master’s level.

Careers in Pharmacy Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Pharmacy Degrees:-

  • Hospitals Sector
  • Research Sector
  • Community Sector
  • Legal Compliance Sector


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