Masters in Manufacturing Engineering

This specialization focus on the design, research, and development of manufacturing equipment, process, systems, tools and machines which drive changes in the lives of society and individuals as well as international and national economies. In this, you’ll get the understanding of all stages or levels of manufacturing with the combination of skills in business development, mathematics, and science to keep pace with ever-changing industry.

Course structure & entry requirements

In masters of manufacturing engineering, you’ll develop knowledge of students to improve efficiency and quality of manufacturing systems. This multidisciplinary field overlapping with aeronautical, industrial and mechanical engineering with the variety of career options. Topics include in this specialization are physics, calculus, and computer science. This will prepare students for the problem of the real world to survive in the range of jobs in mechanical engineering. Assessments and teaching modes involve in manufacturing engineering degree are practical workshops exercise, case studies, lectures, independent research, and seminars. Specialization includes in this field are food factory design, robotics, logistics, engineering economics, operations, reliability, supply chain management, project management and sustainable manufacturing. Some universities or institutions prefer students with the solid background and prior experience in manufacturing field.

Specialization in Manufacturing Engineering

There are many specializations in Manufacturing Engineering degrees depending on your interest. Degree in Manufacturing Engineering majorly divided into many specializations available in each field.

Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM): Those students who are interested and familiar with the aspects of integrated manufacturing systems, CIM specialization is perfect for them.

Production systems: This specialization will give you in-depth knowledge of systems and process of production technology. In this field, you’ll develop your skills for the careers of production system industry.

Robotics and automation: this specialization is concerned with the study of automation and robotics with the focus on application and design of manufacturing systems.

Engineering design: If you are interested in the creativity of industrial design, product design or industrial design, this specialization is perfect for them. This field is equipped with the advanced understanding of manufacture products or engineering issues.

Careers in Manufacturing Engineering Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Manufacturing Engineering Degrees:-

  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Manufacturing systems engineer
  • Manufacturing systems engineer
  • Quality manager
  • Information systems manager
  • Business consultant
  • Design engineer
  • Information systems manager


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