Masters in Management

Whether you are a fresh graduate or mid-career professionals searching for management responsibilities. Masters in management will give you the next step in your career. Specialization in Management focuses on a number of disciplines such as psychology, strategy, business, sociology, and economics. With the study of this specialization, you will develop multiple perspectives such as organizational behavior and business operations. Masters in management focus on effective business practices and leadership role.

Course structure & entry requirements

Masters in management courses also known as Master of Science in Management are one or two years long depend on the country or institution. Management degrees are also offered in the form of part-time courses, accelerated or distance learning. The specialization covers subjects such as business culture, foundations of management, leadership, entrepreneurship, management analysis, business strategy, the introduction of economics or accounts, managerial economics, organizational behavior, motivation, research skills and public relations. Specialization in masters in management includes corporate communications, human resources, accounting, finance, logistics, information systems, economics, marketing management, strategic management, operations management, social responsibility, and statistics. Executive MBA programs focus on a number of fields such as corporate crime, ethical decision-making, business law, employee motivation, workplace security and global business.

Specialization in Masters in Management

There are many specializations in Masters in Management degrees depending on your interest.

Degree in management majorly divided into many specializations available in each field.

Financial resources management: The study of this specializations include methodological approaches, concepts, tools and topics for the implementations and analysis of organizations.

Entrepreneurship management: This specialization is the process of launching and planning new business venture including organization, management, and sourcing of resources.

Organizational behavior: In relation to an organization’s behavior, the study of this specialization explores functions and theories of management and leadership.

Strategic management: The study of this specialization is the most important for senior management professionals which involves learning and analysis of wide range of challenges and issues faced by managers.

International business management: This specialization focuses on management of business activities in an international context which develops an international understanding of management in cross-border transactions.

Marketing management: In this, you will learn implementation and planning of marketing objectives in order to target customers for the study of core elements of consumer behavior.

Managerial economics: In this specialization, you will learn about economic theory and economic policy analysis of the organization, coordination, and dealing with economic agents within an organization.

Quantitative methods for business: In this, you will get knowledge of the range of quantitative methods of business cases and interpretation of results in the analysis of business data.

Careers in Masters in Management Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Masters in Management Degrees:-

  • General manager
  • Management consultancy
  • Academic management careers


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