Masters in Civil Engineering Degrees

Civil Engineering is perfect for both who wants to get the higher level of education to earn more and those who have bachelor’s degree. Those students who have an expertise and the higher level of specialization will get an opportunity to choose from stimulating, interesting and challenging roles. This specialization also facilitates the progress from national accreditations such as the status of the chartered engineer.

Course structure & entry requirements

There is the wide range of structural and civil engineering programs available in the Ph.D. and Master’s level of study. These specializations vary in terms of teaching and learning style, for example, this specialization offers a choice between Master of Science (MSc) or Master of Engineering (MEng) for being more research-based and industry-focused. Some universities offer Doctor of engineering programs along with the graduate-level study. Ph.D. degree programs in civil engineering are more theoretical in nature and focused on the preparation of academic career. Universities and institutions prefer students or applicants with experience in related subject areas.

Specialization in Civil Engineering

There are many specializations in civil engineering degrees depending on your interest. Degree in civil engineering majorly divided into many specializations available in each field. At master’s level, you can possibly choose a specific area you are interested in. For example: If you want to study bridge engineering, Earth Sciences Engineering, transport systems engineering, building design, infrastructure engineering, budding architectural engineers, geotechnics engineering, resources development and hydraulic engineering, civil engineering at master’s level offers a broader spectrum of topics.

Key research areas of civil engineering are as follows Energy, Transportation, Waste, Hazards, and Water.

Careers in civil engineering Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in civil engineering Degrees:-

  • Civil engineer
  • Transport infrastructure engineer
  • Water systems projects
  • Environmental engineer

Areas of growth in this sector include safe water provision, waste management, energy, hazards resilience such as drought and flood to develop the infrastructure of transport.


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