Masters in Archaeology

Masters in Archaeology offers you the opportunity to develop deeper understanding and discovery of artifacts and new sites. this specialization is the most stimulating and fascinating investigation field.

Course structure & entry requirements

Archaeology courses excavating and identifying advanced scientific techniques in artifacts such as classics and history. This specialization is divided into two parts Master of Science (MSc) in archaeology or Master of Arts (MA). MSc involves a greater focus on research and scientific methods, whereas MA is more focused on humanities. Archaeology is the study combines with the study of bones (Human Osteology) and MSc in Bioarchaeology. This degree is also known as MPhil or MRes qualification. Ph.D. students can prefer this specialization to undertake in Archaeology.

This course gives you to overview and introduction to the discipline of archaeology and human history. Themes include in the specialization are origins of agriculture, global migrations, development of complex society and social groups competition. Here, you can also practice your theoretical knowledge of modern archaeology evidence and examination. Some universities or schools prefer students with a good bachelor’s degree which intend to specialize in archaeology.

Specialization in archaeology degree

There are many specializations in Maters in Archeology degrees depending on your interest.

Degree in Maters in Archeology majorly divided into three four including many specializations available in each field.

Landscape archaeology: Specialization in landscape archaeology includes subjects such as the discovery of natural world with physical geography and human acted environment. in this specialization, you will learn to gain the geophysical surveys, geographic information systems, and spatial analysis to analyze varied landscapes involving great deals of fieldwork.

Funerary archeology: This specialization involves the different ways in which human societies have commemorated and buried their dead. In this, you’ll study about the cultural and social reaction of the body, prehistoric traditions, science and global history about the decomposition of the human body and the treatment of body after death.

Medieval archaeology: Specialization in Medieval archaeology explores the number of themes such as faith, cultural contact, social structure, economy, artefacts and structure from the end to the starting of modern history.

Classical archaeology: This specialization helps you in understanding and developing the classical civilizations material culture. With the help of this field, you’ll gain the knowledge in classical society such as Aegean prehistory, greek, and Roman archaeology. In this, you can study a number of courses such as archaeological sites management, bioarchaeology, heritage management cultural, computational archaeology, urban archaeology and prehistoric archaeology.

Careers in Maters in Archeology Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Maters in Archeology Degrees:-

  • Archaeologist
  • Heritage manager
  • historic buildings inspector
  • conservation officer
  • Museum-based roles
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Social researcher
  • Tourism officer
  • Archivist
  • Cartographer
  • Cartographer
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) specialist


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