Masters in Hospitality Management

If you are interested in managing in the wide range of hospitality organizations such as foodservice companies, restaurants, hotels and clubs, specialization in masters in hospitality management is ideal for you. In this course, you will get the opportunity to learn about diverse management function such as foodservice, lodging, accounting, human resources, and marketing.

Course Structure & Entry Requirements

Specialization in hospitality courses offered in the form of Master of Arts (MA) degrees, Master of Science (MSc) and Business Administration (MBA). Such degree courses target students who contain different interest of different professions. Here you will learn about assessment alternatives and decision-making process of the hospitality industry. Assessments and teaching methods include the combination of web-based learning, lectures, seminars and field trips.

Course duration and course length vary on the basis of institutions and country. Masters in hospitality management programs generally take two or more years to complete.

Specialization in Masters in Hospitality Management

There are many specializations in Masters in hospitality management degrees depending on your interest. Degree in hospitality management majorly divided into many specializations available in each field.

Tourism management: This specialization is perfect for those who have a keen interest in tourism management. In this, you will get the opportunity to learn about tourism management strategy, destination marketing, corporate social responsibility, tourism development and operating system.

Event management: This specialization will aspire you towards hands-on-roles and management skills to manage an event such as planner, event management or organizer.

Hospitality marketing: For any industry marketing is the key element to get success. In this specialization, you will learn about a number of marketing tools and strategies of ever-growing hospitality industry such as destination and event brands.

Luxury hospitality: This specialization is perfect for you if you have an interest in knowing luxury hospitality industry. In this, you will get to know a number of course modules which enhance your knowledge and skills in the successful management of luxury hospitality product or brand.

Hospitality finance: This specialization is in high demand in hospitality sector because when it comes to strong financial direction, specialists in financial management are highly appreciated. Topics involve in this specialization are asset management, corporate finance, and investment strategies.

Careers in Masters in Hospitality Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Masters in Hospitality Degrees:-

  • Hospitality manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Cruise director
  • Events manager


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