Masters in Chemical Engineering

If you want to combine the study of engineering and science in order to increase your knowledge and solve problems, Masters in Chemical engineering is perfect in which raw materials transformed into useful products.

Course Structure & Entry Requirements

Chemical engineering is an evolving, vast and dynamic subject with extended roots in gas and oil processing to cover a number of fields such as environmental issues, food processing, biotechnology and pharmaceutical technology. This specialization completes both elective and compulsory modules to take a modular structure for students. Modular structure in chemical engineering is designed to help students who have not studied chemical engineering before. These courses prepare you for the career in the chemical engineering industry in order to gain multidisciplinary skills such as risk management skills and commercial awareness. You’ll also get the wide-ranging and clear view of technologies that applied in the manufacturing process for sustainability and safety. Some universities or institutions prefer students with good grades and the strong background in related subjects.

Specialization in Computer Science

There are many specializations in chemical engineering degrees depending on your interest. Degree in chemical engineering majorly divided into many specializations available in each field.

Process engineering: Process engineering is concerned with the understanding of the industrial process in order to effectively control, design and operate. This specialization will give you in-depth knowledge of fundamental concepts with latest technologies and trends in this area.

Biotechnology: In order to improve the quality of human life, biotechnology is used to produce products with systems or organisms of the biological process.

Transport phenomena: This specialization concerned with the study of momentum transport, mass transport, and energy transport. In this, you’ll gain advanced skills and knowledge in microscopic, macroscopic and molecular levels of transport phenomena.

Pharmaceutical engineering: This specialization is perfect for those students who are interested in pharmacy sector as this specialization familiarize you with key concepts of manufacturing and development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Careers in chemical engineering Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Masters chemical engineering Degrees:-

  • Chemical engineer
  • Energy engineer
  • Petroleum engineer
  • process development scientist
  • product development scientist


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