Master of Design (MDes)

Those students who have a keen sense of aesthetics, natural color, understanding of style in what is pleasing Master of Design (MDes) could be the stepping stone to achieving creative career.

Course Structure & Entry Requirements

Master of Design (MDes)  is awarded by higher education institution at a postgraduate level in the field of design around the world. MDes is a constantly changing course known for the combination of professional skills of project management and personal creativity. Physical objects we use in daily lives aspects are the challenge of reimagining and examining for designers. With the specialization in this course, you can enhance in-depth knowledge of a specific specialization such as landscape, multimedia, interior design, interior design, typography, architecture or illustration. Here you’ll also have the opportunity to extend your contacts and boost your portfolio. Most of the designing courses have a strong focus on design skills, interpretation of technical and commercial information to the public. At the entry level, some universities or students prefer students with prior knowledge and qualification in particular field.

Specialization in Master of Design (MDes)

The design is a broad and diverse area of study with a number of specializations including industrial design, graphic design, architecture, product design, interior design, urban design, landscape architecture and more. Those students who enter from another subject in the field of designing, get broad information about the range of design skills and sectors.

For example:: the University of UK offers MDes in service design innovation whereas university in Canada offers MDes in innovation and strategic foresight. MDes is a two-year course in which aims to create a strategist designer who can re-think and imagine the possibilities to develop and plan a better world.

Master of Design Course offers a wide range of specializations design skills, photography, and color theory. Students will get opportunity to develop high-level design skills with awareness of commercial landscape, designing trends and theories

Careers in MDes Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in MDes Degrees:-

  • Graphic Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Photographer
  • Animator
  • Production Design


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