Film Degrees Courses

If you are interested in pursuing film degree in cinema and film. In this specialization, you can develop your unique style, explore your creativity, technical skills building and knowledge of production techniques. The study of film degree will give you the opportunity to enhance your career in the ever-developing media world.

Course Structure & Entry Requirements

Specialization in Film Degree offered as Bachelor of Fine Art and Bachelor of Arts at undergraduate level by focusing on the subjects like technical aspects of filmmaking which includes editing techniques, sound, and lighting effects, use of camera, directing and production design and film theory & history which includes socio-cultural background, historical analysis, critical approaches, philosophy and realism of film. With the help of degree in the film you can gain independence and practical skills, you can develop technical education in film-making for mini films using editing and lighting equipment, high-quality camera and practical skills.

Many universities or schools with film degree prefer applicants who have any experience or qualification in the specific film-making course. Some universities offer the opportunities to attend filmmakers guest talk, placement events in the creative sector which will help you to learn about how the film industries work.

Specialization in Film Degree

There are many specializations in film degrees depending on your interest. Degree in film majorly divided into four parts including many specializations available in each field.

Film Animation: With the help of specialization in film animation, you can develop your skills in creating animated short films in both digital and traditional techniques. You will gain skills for a number of programs such as final cut, photoshop, flash and after effects.

Film Production: In this specialization, you can develop your filmmaking skills thorough understanding of lighting and sounds, operating cameras, computer software and technical equipment grips.

Cinematography: In specialization of cinematography, you will gain modern cinematic components with the collective knowledge of film history. In this, you will study topics such as cinematography technology, visual art, post-production and foundation in the film.

Mass Communication: Those students who are interested in becoming a scriptwriter, critic or producer then mass communication is ideal for you in creative storytelling.

Careers in Film degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Film Degrees:-

  • Producer
  • Camera Operator
  • Film Editor
  • Program Researcher


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