Fashion Design courses

Build the style of tomorrow! Learn more about Fashion Degrees (from short courses to major degrees) and how selecting the ideal course give you a boost in this in this highly competitive industry.

Course structure & entry requirements

Fashion degrees offers a lot a broad array of courses with different phases of the fashion sector to those students who haven’t still decided which part of the fashion industry is best for them. One can choose from the specialized fashion degrees or can focus on the complete fashion degree which includes fashion design, fashion journalism or PR, fashion photography, fashion marketing, and management. Most fashion courses require just an overall good diploma of secondary education and do not require grades in specific subjects. Bachelor’s in fashion degrees last three or four years whereas a master’s in fashion degree lasts for one or two years.

Assessment methods are on the basis of the team and individual projects, examinations, group critiques, and presentations.

Specializations in Fashion Degrees

Degree in fashion combines lots of different aspects of the industry, you want to specialize in. Some of the main topics of Fashion Degrees are mention below:

Fashion design: In the study of fashion design you’ll learn to build your own creative vision in order to apply practical skills and technical knowledge from your own mind onto the stage show.

Fashion design course also includes specialization and understanding on studying current of fashion.

Fashion photography: Specialization in fashion photography includes elements of practical training, theory, discovering influential visual communication trends and proficiency in latest technologies. In this field, you have the chance of directing and planning fashion photo shoots, branding, and styling.

Fashion management: Fashion management degrees provide specialized preparation of the commercial side of the fashion industry for those students who have a flair for fashion with a brain for business.

Fashion journalism: Fashion Journalism degrees help students to develop visual communication and written skills in-depth understanding of operations of the fashion industry in order to analyze and identify fashion trends.

Fashion buying: Fashion buying degrees involves a process of selecting items from stock, fashion designers, products, and styles to highlight each season. In this course, you will learn about the operation of fashion buying cycle and reviewing of past performance.

Fashion styling: you can also get specialization in fashion Styling, this is the process of creating striking and eye-catching visual in which vision of a fashion designer is captured on the catwalk, on film, in online or print.

Careers in Fashion are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Fashion Degrees:-

  • Fashion design careers
  • Fashion photography careers
  • Fashion management careers
  • Fashion journalism careers
  • Fashion buying careers
  • Fashion styling careers


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