English Language And Literature

English language and literature

Whether you are obsessed with the colonial subtext or captivated by Middle English poetics, Degree in English Language and Literature is the right place for you. This degree involves the wide range of specialization of opportunities such as teaching career, journalism career, arts and humanities career and more skills.

Course structure & entry requirements

English language and literature are designed for critiquing prose and verse, analyzing theories, critical look at the signs, reading books and words around us every day. The degree that focuses on English literature enables students to study historical literary texts. On the other hand, English language based degree train students for language-based communication in all kinds of contexts and forms and analyzing of working of the English language. In order to get enrollment in this degree, you need A-level or high school qualification in the English language. The study of English language and literature is dedicated to long terms research and reading.

Specialization in English language and literature

Degree in English language and literature is majorly divided into three parts including many specializations available in each field.

Creative writing: This course is the most popular choice amongst undergraduates. This will allow you to read and analyze the literature, be that short stories, novels, plays, and poetry.

Linguistics: Degree in English offers some linguistic modules, this will involve the study of origin and works of language. The linguistic course allows students to study the contexts and concepts of psychology and sociology.

Postcolonial literature: This course focus on the issues of postcolonial writing such as diaspora, gender identification, postcolonial discourse and historical construction narratives.

Careers in English language and literature Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in English language and literature Degrees:-

  • Journalism and media
  • Teaching
  • Marketing, advertising, and PR
  • Publishing
  • Civil service Civil service
  • law or law enforcement
  • library and museum work


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