Classics and Ancient History Degrees

Through the degree in classics and ancient history, you will draw towards the Greco-Roman period, you’ll get the chance to admit more Greek plays and natural languages aptitude.

Course structure & assessments:

Degree in classics and ancient history is multidisciplinary studies which provide you an opportunity to explore and learn latin, greek, culture, history and Greco-Roman literature. In order to become a classic scholar through research, you will develop analysis, reading and writing skills. entry level requirement of this specialization varies depending on the program and university on the basis of essay-based subject, study in history, classical or modern languages.

Specialization in classics and ancient history degree:

There are many specializations in classics and ancient history degrees depending on your interest. Degree in classics and ancient history majorly divided into four parts including many specializations available in each field.

Latin: During your coursework in Latin specialization you will develop in-depth knowledge of Roman and Greek culture and history. You will also get the opportunity to develop transferable skills and explore niche topics including research, analysis, and writing.

Ancient Greek: In this specialization, you will have an opportunity to learn about the philosophy of greek, and history of ancient Greece. In order to directly explore the history of ancient Greece, politics, philosophy, literature, and politics.

Ancient history and archeology: In the specialization of ancient history and archeology, you will learn about Roman and Greek history as well as approaches of applied archeological methods with burial and artifacts practices.

Classical studies and English literature: In the study of the specialization of English literature and classical studies, you will explore the outstanding legacy of pop culture and modern literature of Greco-Roman. topics in this field include Roman and Greek drama, Hellenistic world, Homeric, society and gender, and sexuality.

Careers in classics and ancient history Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in classics and ancient history Degrees:-

  • Archives and libraries
  • Museums and galleries curation
  • Heritage management


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