Architecture Degrees

Architecture degrees are highly competitive and popular choice for both promising and brain graduate career prospects that are financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. The study of architecture is the combination of technology, art, and science with interdisciplinary skillset requirement on elements of engineering and mathematics.

Course structure & entry requirements

Architecture is the of engineering and designing large buildings and structures. Those students who are interested in studying both arts and science, the career in architecture consider both mathematical proficiency and artistic ability. Architecture designs are largely responsible for the reliability and safety as they fit for human use. Before becoming a licensed architect, students must be prepared to study for the long period of at least five years of study. regulations of architect licensing differentiate on the basis of practical experience, region, and institution. Architecture career includes varied workload as architects involved in the small to medium size firms such as financial accounts handling, contractors negotiation, compliance insurance, on-site safety and health regulations, material specification, and workmanship. These courses teach students everything from 3D design to computer programs. This specialization is combined assessment and teaching methods of critique lessons, design work, and tutorials.

Specialization in Architecture Technology

There are many specializations in Masters in Architecture degrees depending on your interest. Degree in Architecture majorly divided into many specializations available in each field.

Architectural technology: This specialization is the combination of technological and architectural aspects needed to design the structure. Architects or specialist of architectural studies works with a number of computer software and IT literate involving designs of 3D designs.

Architectural engineering: This specialization is highly technical and focuses more on physics and mathematics and less on arts and design. Students of this specialization focus on design structures and systems such as cooling, ventilation, lighting, and heating.

Architectural design: Experts in this specialization focus on the creativity of design skills, architecture, and drawing. Students in this field emphasis on technical skills, creating and designing of buildings and structures.

Architectural history: This study involve history and discovery of cultural architecture around the globe. This specialization focus on the political, historical, critical and social context of buildings and spaces.

Interior architecture: This specialization use variety of design approaches with the focus on interior understanding and development. Specialists in this field will learn to create visually functional and pleasing spaces via studying aspects of lighting, material, color, form, media, and shape.

Landscape architecture: Those students who are interested in the study of the environment and outdoor spaces and land designing in various ways of human inhabit. This specialization focus on conservation, urban landscapes, and sustainability.

Urban planning: The study of this specialization focus on environment building, ranging from street signs to scaled detailing on the way to metropolitan structure and bird’s eye view as a whole.

Careers in Masters in architecture degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in architecture degrees:-

  • Landscape architecture
  • Architectural planning
  • Architectural designing
  • Set design for film and stage
  • Graphic design
  • Visual and Creative architecture


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