Archaeology Degrees

Those students who are interested in physical remnants of people of the past and to look people of the past with the help of courses such as social sciences and history. In order to archaeologists study structural remains, tools, bones, historical sites and other artifacts.

Course Structure & Entry Requirements

Degree in archaeology offered as BSc and BA, generally take three or four years to complete. With the help of this course, you will get an overview of scientific techniques with the use of universities laboratory facilities. Archaeology degrees combines with the specialization of both science and arts. In this, you will learn how to use multidisciplinary research in order to learn laboratory examination of materials. You will also get the opportunity to learn a wide range of disciplines such as statistics, linguistics, geography, classics, arts and more. Duration of fieldwork in archaeology degree is around four to six weeks but its vary on the basis of country of study. You need a high school diploma or equivalent A-level, in order to enter this specialization.

Specialization in Archaeology Degrees

There are many specializations in archaeology degrees depending on your interest.

Degree in History majorly divided into four parts including many specializations available in each field.

Prehistoric archaeology: The specialization of prehistoric archaeology is the study of time before the beginning of historical records. In this course, you will get the opportunity to work on the cultural and historical significance of past civilizations.

Classical Archaeology: Students who are interested in exploring and studying Roman and ancient greeks civilization, classical archaeology is an ideal specialization. In this, you will increase your understanding of classical societies by analyzing material and art culture.

Medieval Archaeology: This specialization study the remnants of societies from the classic period ending to modern history beginning.

Archaeology and Art History: Those students who are interested in understanding the concept and context of past cultures, specialization in this course is the best place to go. This course focus on the techniques and archaeological tools of the contextual interpretation and understanding.

Careers in Archaeology Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Archaeology Degrees:-

  • Archaeologist
  • Heritage manager
  • Museum-based roles
  • Historic buildings inspector


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