Anthropology Degree

These degrees investigate human society and humankind from the physical evaluation of brain and human body through the linguistic, political and cultural practices of modern society.

Course structure & entry requirements

This specialization includes subjects like economics and sociology for the better understanding of group behaviors and individuals through the applications of scientific methods. This specialization cover wide range of approaches and topics such as offered by different types of anthropology courses. With this specialization, you will get the opportunity to explore diverse subjects such as language structure, forensic science, religious symbolism and related subjects. Assessments and teaching methods include in the study are seminars, written examination, coursework, and lectures. Some universities prefer students with good grades in science and mathematics.

Specialization in Anthropology Degree

There are many specializations in Anthropology Degree depending on your interest. Degree in Anthropology majorly divided into many specializations available in each field.

Cultural anthropology: This specialization focus on the study of the variety of cultures around the world in order to identify and analyze the cultural practices, beliefs, and customs.

Biological anthropology: This specialization focus on the study of the biological, human and behavioral diversity of different environments of humankind.

Forensic anthropology: This specialization involves the implementation of physical anthropology knowledge in order to analyze human remains such as personal characteristics and cause of death.

Medical anthropology: Medical anthropology is the major part of cultural anthropology which focuses on the analysis of well-being and medical care approaches in different cultures.

Linguistic Anthropology: The study of Linguistic anthropology define the relationship between social life and language. This course plays the important role in terms of language.

Archeology: This specialization involves the study of human cultures and their historical development through analysis and recovery of artifacts, building sites and other remaining materials.

Careers in Anthropology Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Anthropology Degrees:-

  • Social Research Sector
  • Policy Development Sector
  • Media and Communications Sector
  • Arts, culture and heritage Sector


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