Whether You Need A Post Graduate Degree?

After the school life, you may have faced the same dilemma of choosing which course for your career. Once you’re done with your graduation, the biggest crisis arises – ‘What Next?’. Most of the passed out students have asked themselves whether or not to go for a master’s degree. Some rush for an employee while some decide to study further. Obviously, an extra specialization degree in the subject will make your CV stand out from the peers, it is seldom chosen by students. This is just because of they aware of the level of dedication and hard work required for completing your post graduation in flying colors.

Choosing the right course and a right University is yet another challenging task. A highly rated University with enough resources shall be opted by students if they need the expected results. Understanding the fact that postgraduate study is a tough task, is the foremost thing to be done. Don’t choose a higher degree if you don’t have a particular passion towards the subject and you want to remain in the University.

So expert guidance in the scenario will help you chose a wise decision. Ask these questions to yourself to decide whether you will join a postgraduate course.

What is the need?

The first question to ask yourself – ‘why you need a Post Graduation’? Is it because you are unable to find another choice? This would never be like the graduation classes, as most of the time students have to depend on themselves for self-learning. Regretting later on will be useless. So go for it, if you really need it. If these are one of your intentions behind PG, then go for it!

  • Finding a good profession or promotion from your current profession.
  • Go ahead to a PhD
  • Passion in the subject
  • To specialise in a domain

WIll it provide you a desired career and better salary?

Most employers admit that they seek for professionals with higher degrees, especially in the fields of medicine, engineering and education. The statistics show that major share of employed candidates could appeal their employers with their specialisation degree. Even in other fields where PG is not mandatory to get a job, having one will definitely fetch you a higher salary. For a same post, graduate and postgraduate will be having a different pay scale.

Is it affordable?

It’s little more expensive than your graduate tenure. They can range up to 10,000+ dollars depending on the University chosen. Though financial assistance can be provided by Student Finance or Scholarships, you may find it difficult to afford it many times because you won’t get enough free time for part time jobs sufficient to earn your daily expenses.

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