Universities – Not Just For Earning Education Degrees

Studying at universities is not just about earning degrees, they need to pick up the experiences and skills they acquired during their academics in the real world. But, the fact is that most of the passed out students are uncertain about their career and even their goals. Most of the folks wish to work for multinational organizations and earn in billions. But they are equivocal in determining what and how.

Professors of renown universities often assert that students should be prepared to enter their intellectual establishments with practical applications of skills and knowledge gained through lectures, events, assignments, internships, and cultural activities at the university. Earning degree is not just a milestone to reach your goal, it is a continuous exercise to gain knowledge in all aspects of life, which students need to pursue even after your graduation day.

Following are the few reasons why it’s not recommended to learn just for exams and forget everything as ad when you pass out of the university.

Unsatisfied Employers

Shrewd employers look for your real talents, for which they may ask you a lot of queries. In their perspective, an ideal employee must present their expertise in your domain to be selected for the designated posts. Among 1000s of candidates who apply for a post, your probability of getting an employment is based on what is your knowledge about the particular work.“Survival of the fittest” – ample quote to describe the scenario.

An investment for the future

It is a fact that graduate students can earn more and avail more opportunities far more than non-graduated subjects. Therefore it is evident that degree that you earn is not just a certificate, it is wisdom and shall not be left behind. It will mold you as a person who is independent and intellectual.University gives you life experiences and real life skills which would be useful in the long-run.

Friend Zone

Being social leads to a longer lifespan. Friends act as a shelter for the frustrations and challenges we face. Universities let have a bunch of lifetime friends who support you throughout. When you are sick or depressed they will be the helping hands. Friends can help create a better university experience by increasing socialization and involvement with campus activities. Friends can be great study partners to help you understand learning material better. Having a note-sharing buddy may also help decrease stress at your university.

Once you are out of the college, you will realize the years spent were not just academic lectures, those were the opportunities for character formation and overall well being of an individual. Similarly, health-related behaviors that have a long-term impact on a person including social and economic consequences, such as smoking, drug use or obesity, are most likely to have started by the influence of friends zone. There are many real-life situations where even the minute knowledge that you acquired from the university may change your life.  It’s also essential to make sure that this knowledge is used to build a brighter future.


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