Tips To Make An Effective Study Break

When the exams are at the door, you would be so panicked that you may not move from the study table, reading out the same stuff again for the fifth time, beating your brains out. The worse part is when you take a short break after a while, everything around you except the books look interesting and you will never want to go back.

And the advent of high-tech gadgets will pull you with each text you receive or distracts you every now and then. So it is important to set limits for your virtual social interactions, leisure, and distractions. However, it is more important to take productive intervals in between your studies to multiply the output that you achieve. Initially, your study and break schedule should be set and implemented properly.

Here are 7 tips to schedule your breaks while studying:

52/17 :

Experts assert that working or studying for more than one hour can have a detrimental effect on your health and preparations too. For that, a 52/17 approach is proven successful. To be precise, study for 52 minutes and have a break for 17 minutes, not a minute more or not a minute less. This strategy will essentially rejuvenate your mind to be attentive always without putting in pressure.These short breaks can tie up with the high productivity.

Go for a short walk or jog :

Go out for a walk and feel some fresh air. This can bring in a huge transformation to your mood. Although it’s an exercise enabling blood circulation around the body, you can every time take it as a hobby. Ask for your best friend to join you, to make the walk more lively. Your pet can, at times, be your best buddy for such stroll. When you return to your study table you will very well be enthusiastic and energized and in turn more alert in studies.

Clean your Room :

The hygiene of the surroundings where you study is very predominant in the concentration that you gain for the studies. If you have your morning coffee mug and old magazines uncleared on the table and dirty clothes on hangers, how would you feel fresh? Use one of your breaks to clear these off. An immaculate space is the home of reconciliation.

Stretch your muscles :

It’s not advisable to sit continuously in the same posture for quite a long time. In between, take some time to stretch your body in all directions. This ensures circulation of blood throughout the body which in turn leads to higher brain activity.

Shower :

You will definitely feel cool when you take a shower for 3 minutes, keeping your eyes closed. Imagine when you’re so heated up with our preparations, you get a stream water on your head. What else can be more relaxing than this?

Meditate and feel yourself :

Students.. Find some time to feel yourself and meditate for few minutes restrained in an open space. This can stimulate your brain nerves and you can be more receptive. This mindful break is worth a try.

You can even look out through the window for few minutes, talk to someone whom you miss over the phone or even eat your favorite snack.

Avoid These: Avoiding any type of media devices is the first step to follow. You should never think of a sleep in the breaks, to prevent you from being drowsy all round the day. It is always advisable to reduce the level of caffeine in your body to stay healthy and attentive.


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