Perfect Student Cities For Students In The US

Big metropolitans are always fun to visit, you find your favorite clubs, a lot of people and facilities to entertain yourself. But in most of the cases, such cities wouldn’t be suitable for students to live their entire university life in. Most students in leading Universities are found to move to the outskirts of the city to live in a calm place, out from the hustle and bustle of the city. These sprawling urban areas tend to discomfort the students when they opt to live there.

A huge factor involved in this animosity is basically the cost of living. Even though other factors like pollution, noise, and accommodation persists, most of the students fail to manage their finance with the limited income they get from part-times. This holds mostly true for international students who need to pay quite a lot more fees than the natives in Universities.

These are some awesome destinations rated by students all over the world, which are small student cities, where you would rush to live.


Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. It is located on the South bank of Ottawa river on the east side of Ontario. It is the most educated city in Canada, which is home to a number of educational institutions including top Universities, Research Institutions, and Cultural Institutions. It is known for its high standard of living and minimal unemployment rate. Though it is a metropolitan, it’s a comparatively small city among the exorbitant metropolitans in the world. The city has a youngster’s culture, as it is mostly occupied by students. People belong to different cultures and nationalities and thus a mixture of culture could be observed. There are enough opportunities to experience in this beautiful city. This vibrant city even accommodates various embassies, and multinational companies, which is a target to be accomplished for many students.

Mainly, this city has access to two top-ranked Universities – The University of Ottawa and Carleton University.


Seattle is a harbor city on the west coast of United States of America. It is a fast-growing US city with rich historical background. This city was an ancient traditional city inhabited by native Americans and now a major commercial center famous for shipbuilding companies. It’s surprisingly the birth town of Starbucks coffee. It’s indeed fun to have coffee from the world’s first Starbucks with your best ‘pals’. The city is mesmerizing with heavily raining picturesque valleys and gracious mountains and has influenced many legendary artists. You could find a lot of street arts and performers all along the streets of Seattle. Students wait eagerly for the Seattle International Film Festival each year.

This city has a long list of Universities and colleges – Seattle University and the University of Washington are well-known among them.


Boston is the capital city and a populous of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States. It holds a lot of Universities and colleges and is an International Centre for Higher Education, leading in Business, Medicine, Engineering, and Law. It is a nurturing ground for many successful entrepreneurs. It is an economically sustainable city that attracts a lot of students including a big share of foreign students. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston University and Harvard University are just a few Universities in the vicinities of Boston.


Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland in the US. It is a seaport city in Mid-Atlantic. Today it has become a major center for tourism and travel too. Also called as Charm City by tourists, has a wide collection of architectures in traditional styles to add the beauty of the place. Baltimore accommodates numerous private and public Universities like Coppin State University, Morgan State University, Towson University and the University of Baltimore.

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