The study of this specialization focus on material science and include guesswork to figure out which useful material.

Course Structure & Entry Requirements

This specialization involves a number of science subjects chemical investigation of physical and chemical properties of compounds, alloys, and metallic elements. In this you’ll cover technologies related to metal including methods of extraction which used in engineering, industry and metalworking processes such as sintering, casting and forging. You’ll also get the opportunity to visit guest speakers, work placements, and facilities. Disciplines include in this specialization are chemical engineering, physics, instrumental technology, and chemistry. Some universities or institutions present students with the strong background and good grades.

Specializations in materials sciences

There are many specializations in materials sciences degrees depending on your interest. Degree in material sciences majorly divided into many specializations available in each field.

Physical metallurgy: This is the study of forms and properties of types, different conditions and response of metals. In this specialization, you’ll learn the methods of examining metals such as mechanical testing, transmission electron microscopy, thermal analysis and diffuse X-ray scattering.

Chemical metallurgy: This specialization includes the chemical properties and chemical transformation of metals. In this, you’ll learn using chemical processes to refine and extract metals.

Engineering and process metallurgy: The study of this specialization include the production of shaping, alloys, and awareness of metallic properties and effects of different processes such as brittleness caused by cryogenic or cold conditions.

Careers in Material Sciences Degrees are varied and wide, as with most arts and humanities subjects. Following are the career options available in Material Sciences Degrees:-

Production management

  • Research
  • Manufacture
  • Quality control
  • Metallurgists

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