How To Make Friends In College By Stepping Out Of Comfort Zone

Making new friends

When you are new to the university, starting a conversation with a stranger is the most nerve-wracking and at the same time exciting feeling. Making new friends at the University sound easy but it can be challenging. If you’re struggling to adapt to university life, here are our tried-and-true tips which will increase your chances to make friends.

Get involved while attending fresher’s parties:

In order to socialize yourself attend events and parties and try to involve with some friendly or popular faces. Whether the person is boring or not your thing, go ahead this way you’ll get the chance to know people you are living with. Keep an eye on other activities happening around you because this way you’ll get good opportunities to build a friendship.

Be Yourself and engage in what interests you

Usually, people attracted to those who are confident and unique, so don’t try to be someone you are not. Get familiar with people in class and campus surroundings ahead of time. Never forget that everyone else wants to make just as much as you and also consider doing good through volunteering.

Meet with everyone in the class and strike up a conversation!

Get to class early

Getting to class five to ten minutes early gives you quality time to talk with your classmates. Conversation with strange people is quite awkward but it is your essential step to make new friends in the University. Talk to your classmates about something going on at school or a homework assignment.

Introduce yourself first in class, whenever you find yourself to find sitting next to a stranger.

Hangout with people and don’t judge them

Hangout with people in college will increase your chances to meet other like-minded people. You might have an idea about who is your type of friend but don’t let this create limit in your friendship.

Keep yourself and socially available so that people stop and say “Hi” to you.

Join activities and group

Check out the options to see activities going on in college. Try to find cultural clubs, volunteer clubs, pre-professional clubs, academic clubs, performing arts clubs. Join one that fits in your interest and meets lots of people with common interest.

If you are a fresher, it is important to give time to yourself. In this regards don’t take more responsibilities that you can’t handle and invest that time in making friends.

Make yourself look attractive

Always use confident and relaxed body language, stop feeling nervous as it looks awkward. Dressed properly and make eye contact with others, avoid looking at the ground and crossing your arms. Using confident body will give you the illusion that you are at ease, even if you feel awkward.

At last, be yourself and know that making friends is not vulnerable.

Whoever is reading this blog can apply these points in order to make new friends at university. Please comment your suggestions below and do not forget to follow us on social media in order to stay updated.

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