List Of Oldest Universities In The World

University education has been in place for approx. 1000 or more years. Most of them are extinct while some have their retirement years functioning as museums. Yet there are a few those are reconstructed and are enjoying their reincarnation with colorful young souls. Learning in an ancient college is not just about being graduated, it is a matter of pride to have learned and graduated in a college celebrating the legacy of centuries. They are still outstanding and prestigious in its heritage.

University of Bologna

Located at: Bologna, Italy

Founded in: 1088

The University of Bologna is the oldest university which is still operational, and one of the most acclaimed universities in the globe. It stands first in ranking excellence among the top universities in Europe It is one of the most prestigious Italian universities commonly ranking first in national rankings across the world. It has around 85,500 students in.

This university is culturally very important and is one of the nominations for World Heritage Site for UNESCO. This place was mostly ought to learn mostly doctorates and law, but today it has varied programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in 33 different departments. There are world famous legends in Europe who did their education from the University of Bologna.

University of Oxford

Located at: United Kingdom

Founded in: 1096

The University of Oxford is one of the oldest and most admired universities in the world. The university comprises almost 38 associated educational institutions with a fat lot of departments and academic domains. It still unknown to many that Oxford University is a private institution which is not located at any particular single large campus, rather it’s spread throughout the city.

One of the particularly interesting facts was most of the campus and infrastructures portrayed in Harry Potter was up to a large extent, inspired by this wonderland. The list of old grads from the University range from Nobel prize winners, actors, leaders to the most respected people in the world, which is too good to be true. It is yet more surprising to learn that 27 of the UK Prime Ministers graduated from this ancient yet most respected University. Emma Watson, Stephen Hawking, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Lewis Carroll are just a few among the list.

University of Salamanca

Located at: Spain

Founded in: 1134

The University of Salamanca is the oldest functional university in Spain. The University is a prominent center for the study of humanities and is particularly famous for its language studies, as well as in-laws and economics. It possesses over 30,000 students across nine campuses in the city, located to the west of Madrid. This place is famous for world’s first library which is truly astounding. It is also said that Christopher Columbus was once been to the place for an argument to sail across the world in the 1400s.

University of Cambridge

Located at: England

Founded in:1209

The University of Cambridge is a public research university which is said to have formed by few scholars who left the University of Oxford after some issues. There are over 100 libraries in the campus with a central library that accommodates around 8 million volume of books. It is functioning for more more than half a millennium with 31 colleges associated with it.

University has been filmed in many famous movies like Chronicles of Narnia and Dawn Treader. The ever exciting list of alumni is way too overwhelming with around 90 Nobel Prize winners, Prime Ministers, and scientists. Frederick Sanger, Charles Darwin, are just a few in the list. A compulsory Residential College with a range of around 18,396 students.


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