Evade Your Nightmares of University Accommodation

Where to live? – the toughest decision one needs to take as a student. And, if you are a foreign student situation is yet more alarming, as students from varying cultures and backgrounds find it difficult to settle under a single roof for three years. If you don’t find the right place, your lodging would be frustrating and annoying. There a lot more considerations to be made – It should be near the university, should have at least the basic amenities like laundry, heaters, utensils and much more. Most importantly, the housemates you live with. All these ingredients should be in the right ratio to relish your life at the university.

Fit into the budget

The first step is to draw an affordable budget for your stay. You may have to end up in struggling for your expenses if you don’t find an apartment at the approximated cost, you eventually will have to spend a lot of your valuable time in part-time jobs to arrange the required sum for the stay. Of course, you need to keep in mind living in cities is far more expensive than living in the countryside.

Type of Accommodation

Campus Accommodation: A good option, especially for the freshers at the university, as you may not know anything about the place. It will be safest and most appropriate option for you. You will definitely save all your travel expenses. You will be provided with most essential facilities like wi-fi, gym, cafes, bars, and laundry. They are not really the cheapest option, but will actually be the most convenient choice for starters at the university.

Rent a house: If you can’t adjust up with the university accommodation, a private exclusive rented home can serve the purpose. Beware of the landlord’s words. Check everything starting from the water pipe to the rental agreement before you move on. If you really need your private space and you have enough money to spend, don’t go for a second thought. This option is for you.

Shared Apartments: You will have a lot of fun and many memorable experiences if you share your home with a set of friends. Life can be more happening and lively if you choose so. But it will all turn upside down with a careless housemate. Dirty utensils, left out old food, dirty washrooms, and stinking rooms are few of the issues reported by students staying at a shared house.

Leaking pipes and pests around

The condition of the house shall be well investigated before you pack your bags up. Don’t just trust your landlord’s words and move on. Water pipes, machines, furniture, and utensils must be thoroughly examined and immediately report any troubles you encounter. And principally, the place should be hygienic. If you find mites or cockroaches, just drop the plan.


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