Easy Tips To Create A Unique Job Application For US Students

Despite receiving a large number of tips on how to write a cover letter and do’s and don’ts in creating a resume, most of the candidates fail to meet the anticipation of employers. Every employer would look for an application that stands out from the rest of the applicants, fulfilling the job requirements and portraying some extra skills that catalyze the growth of their organization.

Entrepreneurs seldom grumble about getting an exorbitant number of applications, out of which most of them are literally boring. A CV or Resume should be well set before you seek for a profession. Students must tailor one attractive application that portrays your extra skills and academic excellence, during the last year of your University itself.

Have a glance on these suggestions to construct an exceptional Resume that lets half of the job done in finding you the right job.

  • Don’t generalize your application. Rather, find out what the employer expects and tailor your resume accordingly.
  • Past Experience if any and internship details hold the biggest priority.
  • Strong organizational skills must be highlighted like Time Management Skills, Mental and Physical Organizational Skills, planning, teamwork, administrative skills and Communication Skills.
  • Precise and illustrative cover letter conveying the superficial details. Take care not to repeat the same points in the resume, but to present your accomplishments in a recognizable manner. The cover letter is an introduction to yourself with sufficient expected details that unveils your talent.
  • Having an official Linkedin account is advisable to find some employers and create some contacts useful for your job hunt. You can also meet few like-minded peers, who can be useful in long run.
  • Projects based works are mostly searched by employers. Genuine details of your internships and projects can capture the attention lot more than beating around the bush about yourself, as practical skills are mostly accounted for any profession.
  • Your subject knowledge and reading habits are also weighed by many prospective job providers. Let them know how you keep yourself updated in the respective fields and how much you are aware of the recent developments in technology, especially for students from technical domains.
  • Use many figures, numbers, and facts as much possible in your resume as bullet points. Like, your percentage accomplishment of goals in life.
  • Understanding the recruiters – The resume and covering letter should understand the organization’s goals and concern. It should clearly associate your skills to organizational goals.
  • AVOID spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. You can make use of many advanced software and applications to check the grammatical accuracy of the content you have created.
  • Address the application to the right person and make sure it is well ahead of your due date of submission.
  • Application need not be too long or too precise as recruiter
  • Ascertain the quality and accuracy of the application before it is submitted.


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