Awesome Life Hacks That Help In Time Management For Students

There is a famous quote that “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” It’s mostly true for the graduates in the universities, who wait for the last minute to submit their assignments and even to start their studies, surrounded by unopened books and confused self. Especially, with exams at your doorstep, you should be organized and well aware of how to manage your available time in the most useful way. You need to organize your days such that there is enough time for your studies, projects, leisure and university life. But when you try hard to beat the clock, don’t ever forget your appetite. Eat healthily and you could move faster.

It is a life skill to be possessed by every individual to manage your time effectively. The more you are organized in your work, more productive you will be. These time management hacks will stimulate you to cover an extra mile in your long run of life.

Know what to do

It’s probably the first step in time management, to figure out what all needs to be done. Not just about your daily homework and entertainment. You need to consider each and every minute thing into concern and make a checklist. Include your submission dates, deadlines, examinations, holidays and even the trips that you plan in the to-do list.

Make use of a calendar to help you estimate how much time is left out for your preparations. Set your milestones and have a realistic plan of how and what to do. All these plans will be in vain if you forget to understand yourself. Some of you may be a fast learner, few may be night owls, who loves the silence of night for their reading and yet some may need a pleasant environment around to do things punctually.

Set your priority

Here is a hard stage and you need to study your checklist and eliminate the least prior ones.Make more time for the prior ones. Teach yourself to say no to your distractions. It may take some time to arrange these, but the best outcome can be forecasted as you are on track and systematized.


Use a calendar to schedule your tasks. Some assignments would have immediate deadlines, then schedule it first. Fit in your deadlines sorted to avoid last hour rush. Plan your schedule for every week, every day and literally every hour. Don’t miss these:

  • Reading, study, homework, and preparations.
  • Relax, exercise, play and socialize
  • Family, friends, outings and some fun
  • SLEEP!

Avoid Procrastination

Its human nature to delay everything than planned. Rather it is unintentional at times. The biggest don’t in time management is to avoid procrastination. Once you start in an organized way, be focussed, there will be distractions all around. You may feel like listening to your favorite track or even to clean your room. Everything else would be interesting when you sit for studying.

Digitalisation will definitely pull you back from the action at times and it’s difficult to uninstall your old habits. Have a good deal of determination to help yourself reach the zenith without much strain. This discipline you acquire can keep you ahead of the game in life.


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