6 Odd Funny Tips For Your Studies

This is really serious to have funny study tips. You might have tried quite a lot of techniques from everyone who passes around, to exercise, eat a healthy diet, schedule your tasks and so on. At times you need to kid yourself to motivate self to pursue your planned tasks. This is the time you need something that can give fun and rejuvenate you to to make the learning process a less hectic one. Make your surroundings benign and crazy that will pull out your weariness and lets you learn more.

Below listed are a few innovative ways to motivate yourself to make yourself comfortable:

Favourite Snacks

How many times you may have moved away from your seat just to find something to eat. It’s not really your appetite that drives you crazy over this food. You’re bored to the core. This distraction can be easily dealt of with a plate of your favorite snacks kept near your table. Grab them after short intervals to feel charged after every few minutes.

Favourite Music Track

This is not for everyone. Even if you have your favorite track in the background, some people get to diffuse into it, realizing it after it’s been almost an hour! However, if you can restraint to the friction with a soothing music in the background, you just seem to be way too interested in the topic than earlier. Isn’t it worth trying? So, you can go a further step to set your notes to that music. But, if you start imagining yourself in the lyrics, you can go for a plain gentle orchestral bgm to loosen up the brain cells.

Interactive Learning

If you can find another folk with the same intention, catch him. This is another experimentally successful way of learning things by supporting each other mutually.

  • If you have an elder or same aged sibling at home, sit together and learn. Don’t forget to ask them to monitor whether you are distracted.
  • Pick your friend, teach each other, this will help in better understanding of the self and your buddy.
  • Conduct small quiz to each other.
  • Pretend your teacher and take lectures to your friend with illustrations and gestures.
  • Have a healthy race with each other
  • Plan some punishments to each other, in case you miss the schedule.


There are some auditory learners who learn well by hearing them. This is for you. You could take permission from your professors to record their sessions and later learn them, while in some other cases you can read out the important points and record them. Use this during your daily conveyance to university or even at your bed.

Posters, Diagrams and other visual representations

Drawing is one among the most used methodology to get things imprinted on your mind. This is one step forward to make posters and diagrams of your difficult portions in most simple words and hang it on the walls. Let you observe them every now and then you pass by that. Unknowingly things get embedded in you.

Reward Yourself

Don’t forget to treat yourself once you finish off your tasks as per schedule. It could be a drink, or a short film or anything that you sacrificed for your studies. This is the best self-motivation that one can give to themselves.


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