5 Best Colleges in the US for undergraduate studies

In this article, you’ll find the detail of colleges that exist primarily to teach undergraduate subjects. This ranking list contains colleges whose main degree is a Bachelor’s Degree. Best colleges in the US for undergraduates focus on advancement and personal enrichment that await students after graduation.

Guidelines for best undergraduate colleges

This ranking list of top ten undergraduate colleges is not only based on return on investment. Following factors are also important:

Achievement Record: The college ranked in best college list prepare you with a credential, skill-set, and springboard to new possibilities.

Study Diversity: Best college should reflect the diversity of study by providing a number of courses such as engineering, seafaring, Business, architecture, visual arts, aviation, filmmaking, musicianship, performing arts and animation.

Freedom of expression and inquiry: Best college should be conservative and liberal. Political correctness and imperativeness hamper true education.

Academic Rigor: Best college should be of intense effort and concentration. Empower students with mastery of skills, subject or set of ideas.

Low Cost and Minimal Debt: Best college should not load students with massive debt. Ranked colleges provide scholarship and financial aid facilities to students.

Ranking Of Best Colleges in the US

Deep Springs College

Establishment – 1917

Location – East of Fresno, near the Nevada border

Admissions selectivity – 6% to 15%, year-to-year

SAT – range of acceptance is 700 for verbal and 700 for math

Student/Teacher ratio – 4-to-1

More than two-thirds alumni consist graduate degree

Scholarship Value – more than $50,000 per year

Notable Alumni – Raymond Jeanloz, Thomas E. Fairchild, Jim Olin, U.S. Congressman and recipient of MacArthur “genius grant”

Harvey Mudd College

Establishment – 1955

Location –  Los Angeles and San Bernardino

SAT – Critical reading: 690/770, math: 740/800, writing: 690/770 and math 2: 760/800

Ranked 2nd as liberal arts colleges in the nation

Notable Alumni – Stan Love (astronaut), George “Pinky” Nelson (astronaut) and Richard H. Jones (Diplomat)

Curtis Institute of Music

Establishment – 1924

Location – Downtown

Faculty – 90 top-tier musical artists

Scholarship facility in the form of full-tuition fees

Notable Alumni – Samuel Barber (composer), Jaime Laredo (conductor and violinist), Leonard Bernstein (pianist, composer, and conductor), Richard Goode (pianist), Gian Carlo Menotti (composer), Hilary Hahn (violinist) and many others.

Swarthmore College

Establishment – 1864

Location – Near Philadelphia

SAT – math 670/760, Critical reading 680/770, writing 680/770

Student/Teacher ratio – 8-to-1

Retention rate – 94% for first-year students

Notable Alumni – Nancy Roman (NASA’s first Chief of Astronomy), James Michener (novelist), Michael Dukakis (1988 Democratic presidential nominee), Robert George (thinker and writer) and David Baltimore (Nobel Prize-winning Cancer and HIV virologist)

Williams College

Establishment – 1793

Location – Northwest corner of the state, adjacent to New York and Vermont

SAT – math 650/760, Critical reading 660/770

Student/Teacher ratio – 6-to-1

100% fulfillment of the student’s demonstrated financial needs

Notable Alumni – A.R. Gurney (novelist and playwright), Michael Beschloss (historian) and Stephen Birmingham (writer)

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